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Product release, news event and twitter feed

EVENT | From May 14th to 16th, we are attending a workshop on statistical bias correction methods in climate studies at different temporal scales (seasonal, decadal, climate projections). The workshop will bring together climate modelers, developers of bias correction methods and tools, and users of such methods, to cover the whole range of questions raised by biases in climate models, and to discuss the challenges posed by the ongoing developments around climate services. This is the opportunity for the climate data factory to review the state of the art in this domain and initiate new partnerships to better address end-users needs.

Event description at this link.


2nd Workshop on Bias Correction in Climate Studies group photo

DOCUMENTATION | We released our first technical note called “Bias Adjusting Climate Model Projections”. This document is an overview intended for users who wish to apply climate model data in climate change impact studies, from local to global scale. You can open the document by clicking the cover below:

Cover bias adjusting climate model projection by the climate data factory

PRODUCT UPDATE | We now provide local climate information in more than 4,300 cities worldwide (> 100,000 inhabitants). We propose 5 climate variables: temperature, minimum temperature, maximum temperature, precipitation and solar radiation. In our next release, we’ll provide climate indicators across these cities. Start searching now and don’t hesitate to get back to us to share your insights and comments.