Our Story

We believe that fighting climate change is a priority that is hampered by the lack of easy access to actionable climate data. Things are getting worse as the volume of climate model data is expanding rapidly (by 2030 there will be more climate model data than satellite data). As digital climate model natives we are having fun by trying to find new solutions to facilitate data use by others.

  • Fighting Climate Change 100% 100%
  • Service development 97% 97%
  • Having fun 83% 83%
  • Data crunching 77% 77%
  • Climate Science 64% 64%
Harilaos Loukos

Harilaos Loukos


Harilaos is an entrepreneur with scientific and business expertise in the field of weather and climate services. Previously, Harilaos founded a weather service company that was acquired by the world’s largest private weather service provider. His background is in oceanography with a PhD from Pierre et Marie Curie University and a postdoc at UW and NOAA/PMEL.
Thomas Noël

Thomas Noël

Data Engineer

Thomas is an expert in climate model data management and post-processing. Previously, Thomas was a research engineer at Institut Pierre Simon Laplace developing algorithms for post processing and bias adjustment of climate model simulations. Thomas holds a PhD in Earth Sciences and Atmosphere from the University of Versailles Saint Quentin en Yvelines.
Florian Cochard

Florian Cochard

Product Manager

Florian is an entrepreneurial swiss army knife. Previously, Florian contributed to a weather insurance solution for smallholders farmers in Sub Saharan Africa. Florian has a background in climate physics from Pierre & Marie Curie University and graduated in entrepreneurship from Ecole Polytechnique of Paris.

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