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We believe that preparing for climate change is  hampered by the lack of easy access to actionable climate data. We help organisations integrate ready-to-use, fit-for-purpose, enhanced climate projections and forecasts to better anticipate climate risks.
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Data & Services

What we do

High-resolution climate projections

Climate projections

High-resolution multi-model scenarios of  climate hazards up to 2100.
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Subseasonal and seasonal forecast

Climate forecast

High-resolution multi-system subseasonal and seasonal forecast.
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On-demand climate data management and processing

Climate service

Custom data management and processing of climate data.
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Why Us

How we work

Transparent and open

Our methods and algorithms are science based and referenced in rank A journals. Our essential climate variables data are freely available to publicly funded research projects.

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Extensive and coherent

We cover a large variety of climate hazards and times scales using the same underlying data and methods to provide the most coherent collection of climate information available.

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Reliable and trustful

We partner and use data from authoritative weather and climate providers such as C3S, ECMWF, and ESGF and have a track record in climate science.

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Who we help

Risk professionals

Practitioners of climate change adaptation studies, impact modeling, or physical risk assessments.

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Service providers

Developers of decision support tools and risk analysis platforms related to climate physical risk assessment.

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Researchers from various disciplines needing data provision and support for their science projects.

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