Ready to use climate data for your project, service, or application

We believe that preparing for climate change is  hampered by the lack of easy access to actionable climate data. We help organisations integrate fit for purpose  enhanced climate projections and forecasts to better anticipate climate risks.
What we do
High resolution scenarios of climate hazards up to 2100.
High resolution subseasonal and seasonal outlook.
Tailored data handling and custom processing of any kind of climate data.
Why Us
How we work

Transparent and open

Our methods and algorithms are science based and referenced in rank A journals and our data products are freely available to publicly funded research projects.

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Extensive and coherent

We cover a large variety of climate hazards and times scales using the same underlying data and methods to provide the most coherent collection of climate information available.

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Reliable and trustful

We partner and use data from authoritative weather and climate providers such as C3S, ECMWF, and ESGF and have a track record in climate data science.

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Who we help

Risk professionals

Practitioners needing data for climate change adaptation studies, impact models, or physical risk assessments.

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Service providers

Developers of decision support tools and risk analysis platforms related to climate physical risk assessment.

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Researchers from various disciplines needing climate data provision and support for their science projects.

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  • “The Climate Data Factory was a source of good quality data for a climate change project that we are conducting in Turkey. Thank you for your support.”
    Louis H. Motz, Ph.D. Associate Professor Emeritus
    Depatment of Civil Engineering
    University of Florida (USA)
    “Thank you for an excellent service and the quality of your data. I recommended you to colleagues”

    Champika Kariyawasam, Senior Scientist
    Department of Rural Science and Agriculture
    University of New England (Australia)
  • “The data was very useful to help us in analysing the climate conditions in Sub Saharan Africa. I particularly appreciated the quality of data and the usability of the data shop.”
    Alessandro Pezzoli, Senior Lecturer
    Risk Assessment and Weather Risk Management
    Politecnico di Torino & University of Turin (Italy)
    “We used downscaled and debiased decadal temperature hindcasts from the climate data factory to explore skill for viticulture applications. It was a fruitful collaboration.”
    Didier Swingedouw, Senior Scientist
    Department of Agriculture
    University of Bordeaux (France)
  • “We asked the them to adjust decadal forecast data of sea surface temperature from our in-house climate model. The team is highly skilled and follows scientific standards.”
    Juliette Mignot, Senior scientist
    National Research Institute for Sustainable Development
    “We asked for custom processing of climate projections using specific observational data for Europe. They produced reliable data in a very short time. I highly recommend them.”
    Giovanni Sgubin, Senior Scientist
    University of Bordeaux (France)