Download climate change data at two scales


Single site time-series to get a general understanding of future climate change over 4,300 cities worldwide (learn more).


Multi-site time-series for impact modelling to spatially assess future climate change over 100 countries worldwide (learn more).

For two types of variables


Six essential climate variables amongst mean/minimum/maximum temperature, rainfall, wind speed and solar radiation.


A package of 30 climate indices designed for impact studies, of which heat waves duration, heating degree days or extremely wet days.

Ready to use

Ready to use climate change data are processed with advanced methods to remove model biases, increase spatial resolution and control output quality. They are suitable for direct use in climate change impact studies and physical risk assessment.


Ready to use

On-demand services

We conduct specific tasks for businesses and research institutes. If you need large data volumes or specific processing, don’t hesitate to reach out, we’d be happy to learn more about your work.

Coming soon

90-days forecast

10-years forecast

We are developing ready to use subseasonal forecast under  the S2S4E project.
We are developing ready to use decadal forecast under  the CLARA project.

Working with organizations around the world

Supported by public and private initiatives

Quick FAQ

What is the climate data factory ?
the climate data factory is an independent private climate service company. We try to make climate model data fit for purpose for researchers and adaptation practitioners as we believe easy access to actionable data can contribute to accelerate climate change adaptation. Learn more.
You come out of the blue, how can I trust you?
We have a scientific, technical and business track record in climate services (check out the “who we are” page). We co-develop our methods with research organizations (detailed description with references here) and are actively involved in climate data processing through two European research projects (CLARA, S2S4). Transparency, humility and collaboration are at the core of our values. Don’t hesitate to engage with us by chat.
Are you selling publicly available data?
No we don’t. We sell processed data for impact studies (see our Ready to Use climate model data). For users struggling to access and handle the official model data, the Raw data product gives quick and easy access to official data with slight processing. Although of great value, these data cannot be used directly in impact studies without further processing.
Do I have to pay for your climate model data?
You don’t for the Raw data and you do for the Ready to Use data. In this case, you are paying for the processing we do to make climate model data directly usable in impact studies. Our data processing includes remapping, bias-adjustment and quality control with methods we co-develop with research organizations. You can find the detailed description with references here. Any questions? Don’t hesitate to chat.