3rd WMO Workshop on Operational Climate Prediction

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Sep 19 2022
C3S Sectoral Information System User Showcase

On September 20-23rd, 2022, we will attend the 3rd WMO Workshop on Operational Climate Prediction in Lisbon (Portugal). We will present the challenges we face in developing an AI-Enhanced operational demonstrator of sub-seasonal and seasonal forecasting of detection and attribution of heatwaves and warm nights we will implement in the H2020 CLINT project.

The WMO Workshop series on Operational Climate Prediction (OCP) commenced its journey in 2015, dedicated to benefiting both operational and research communities. These workshops play a crucial role in assessing advancements in operational practices and enhancing our comprehension of climate prediction. Moreover, they serve as platforms for sharing valuable experiences among participants, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.

The primary objective of these workshops is to contribute to the development of cutting-edge operational climate prediction products. These products span a range of time scales, from sub-seasonal to decadal, addressing the diverse needs of WMO Members and partner organizations. By focusing on state-of-the-art techniques and methodologies, the OCP workshops aim to elevate the standard of climate prediction, ensuring that the operational and research sectors stay abreast of the latest advancements in the field.

Throughout the years, the OCP workshops have become pivotal events for the climate prediction community. They provide a space for professionals to discuss challenges, share successes, and collectively work towards refining operational practices. The collaborative nature of these workshops underscores the importance of a united effort in advancing our understanding of climate prediction.

In essence, the WMO Workshop series on Operational Climate Prediction serves as a dynamic forum that not only reviews progress but actively contributes to shaping the future of climate prediction. It stands as a testament to the commitment of WMO Members and partner organizations to staying at the forefront of operational practices, ultimately enhancing our ability to predict climate patterns across various time scales.


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