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"Startup to watch" by Sifted

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Dec 14 2022
the climate data factory found "Startup to watch" by Sifted

Recognized as a noteworthy player in the startup landscape as a climate data provider of climate projections and climate forecast, we earned the distinguished title of a "startup to watch" from Sifted, a premier media platform dedicated to delivering unparalleled insights into European startup news and analysis, under the esteemed banner of the Financial Times.

Sifted's astute analysts recently crafted a comprehensive briefing note spotlighting what they dub the burgeoning Climate Intelligence sector. In their discerning analysis, they prophesied an impending storm, emphasizing the pivotal role startups play in mitigating over 56 identified risks spanning from pre-seed to Series A funding stages. Notably, we stand tall among the elite 20 startups earmarked for close observation, distinguishing ourselves as one of the rare "Startup to watch" following the bootstrap model, namely self-funding our ventures.

This meticulously crafted note not only provides an in-depth overview of the burgeoning sector but also categorizes the startups into nine thematic clusters, based on the specific sectors they impact, such as water and forestry, or the nature of services they offer, including data provision, analytics, and insurance. Through this lens, Sifted offers a nuanced perspective, shedding light on the trends shaping the Climate Intelligence landscape and providing valuable insights into the market's trajectory.

The Sifted analysts' discerning eye doesn't stop at enumeration – they delve into the intricacies of the sector, unraveling key trends and offering their informed perspective on the market dynamics. In a landscape teeming with innovation, our presence as a bootstrap-funded startup aligns us uniquely amidst the selected few, poised to make waves in the ever-evolving realm of Climate Intelligence.

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