We are presenting tomorrow our services at the Climate services for a climate-resilient Europe workshop.

In the context of the European Green Deal, the new EU Adaptation strategy and the Horizon Europe Adaptation Mission, this workshop will:

The workshop builds on the results of a portfolio of Horizon 2020 projects, which contribute to the implementation of the European Research and Innovation Roadmap on Climate Services.

On March 25th-28th, the climate data factory will attend the WCRP CMIP6 model analysis workshop in Barcelona (Spain). This workshop will be the opportunity for us to show the scientific analysis of our current data, extend our knowledge on CMIP6 experiments to prepare the next version of our climate change data offer: CMIP6 adjusted with ERA-5 reanalysis. Contact us through the chat if such data set is of interest to you.

On March 13-14th, 2019, the climate data factory will attend the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) Sectoral Information System User Showcase Workshop in Lisbon (Portugal). We will present our business needs and share our view on C3S infrastructure.

Download our presentation "How can C3S and European initiatives enable the development of climate services" at this link.

On February 25 - 26th, 2019, the climate data factory will attend a scoping workshop to discuss development of a decadal forecast service for C3S. The aim of the workshop is to discuss the user needs and the state of play from the scientific and operational climate prediction communities for the decadal timescale. In this context, we will share our expertise in developing such forecast from our contribution to the H2020 CLARA project.



From May 14th to 16th, we are attending a workshop on statistical bias correction methods in climate studies at different temporal scales (seasonal, decadal, climate projections). The workshop will bring together climate modelers, developers of bias correction methods and tools, and users of such methods, to cover the whole range of questions raised by biases in climate models, and to discuss the challenges posed by the ongoing developments around climate services. This is the opportunity for the climate data factory to review the state of the art in this domain and initiate new partnerships to better address end-users needs.

Event description at this link.