Bias Correction in Climate Studies Workshop

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May 14 2018
2nd Workshop on Bias Correction in Climate Studies

From May 14th to 16th, we are attending the 2nd Workshop on Bias Correction in Climate Studies at different temporal scales (seasonal forecast, decadal, climate projections). The workshop will bring together climate modelers, developers of bias correction methods and tools, and users of such methods, to cover the whole range of questions raised by biases in climate models, and to discuss the challenges posed by the ongoing developments around climate services. This is the opportunity for the climate data factory to review the state of the art in this domain and initiate new partnerships to better address end-users needs.

Topics covered are related to :

  • Development of methods and tools
    • Multivariate (spatial or multi-variable) methods
    • Stochastic vs. deterministic methods
    • Process-informed methods
    • Bias correction and ensemble generation
  • Tools for bias correction
    • Different time scales
    • Extrapolation and non-stationarity
    • Trends and interannual variability
    • Drift correction for climate predictions
    • Probabilistic forecast re-calibration
  • Applications for impact modeling and climate services
    • Agronomy, hydrology, ecology, renewable energy, etc.
    • Climate service initiatives.

See more on the event site.

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