Climateurope2 - Fostering the science-society dialogue

On 27 and 28 September 2022, the Horizon Europe project Climateurope2 - Supporting and standardising climate services in Europe and beyond kick started in the Euro-Mediterranean Center of Climate Change (CMCC)’s headquarters in Lecce (Italy). More than 90 researchers and climate change professionals gathered in this two-day meeting that shaped the main actions of the project.

The meeting’s objective was to set the framework for future activities and to define the essential elements of climate services while also outlining potential cooperation areas among the different partners involved.

With more than 30 parties from 13 countries in Europe and beyond, coordinated by the Barcelona Supercomputing Center-Centro Nacional de Supercomputación (BSC), Climateurope2 will last for 4.5 years until 2027, and its scope revolves around three main objectives. The first is to standardise existing climate services through the development of ad hoc procedures and the identification and evaluation of their essential elements. The final output will be the certification and accreditation of the services, creating labels to identify those that are compliant with the standards.

The project also aims to support an equitable European climate services community, including underrepresented groups: to do so, several activities are being developed, including an interactive online platform and support service where stakeholders can be informed and engaged about the project outputs while helping to co-create them.

Increasing the uptake of quality-assured climate services is also a crucial purpose of Climateurope2 to support both adaptation and mitigation strategies: to reach this goal, partners will provide recommendations for improving tools to enhance the salience, credibility, and legitimacy of the accredited climate services. They will also frame strategies to promote trust between the supply and demand sides and assess current business models and the scalability of market solutions.

Climateurope2 builds upon its predecessor Climateurope, which ran for 5 years from December 2015 and was coordinated by the MetOffice. The project facilitated a network of more than 500 users and providers of climate information, publishing climate services reports, policy briefs, newsletters, organizing online, as well as offline events and festivals, and more. The new Climateurope2 addresses the ambitious goal of broadening and coordinating the network of climate services related actors throughout Europe and beyond via different activities and assessments of the market and the users.

Besides Climateurope legacy, Climateurope2 also builds upon a vast body of knowledge, such as the WMO good practices and standards, Horizon Europe missions, existing networks, the European Roadmap for Climate Services, and the Global Framework for Climate Services.