Singapore Fintech Festival

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Nov 09 2021
Singapore Fintech Festival

This week, we will be showcasing our upcoming "Global Wildfire Risk Index" dataset at the Singapore Fintech Festival  as a Finalist of the G20 TechSprint 2021 in partnership with Banca d'Italia

The Singapore FinTech Festival 2021, touted as the world's largest fintech festival, took place from November 8 to 12 under the theme "Web 3.0". Organized by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, it featured a mix of digital and physical events focusing on trends like embedded finance, decentralized finance, and sustainable finance. The festival included global satellite events, industry discussions, and sessions on cutting-edge technologies like AI, IoT, and 5G. Notable segments included SME Day and Oxygen by APIX, providing platforms for learning and discussion on green finance, digitalization, CBDCs, and more. A great opportunity to promote our  climate data products that can support financial organisations better evaluate physical climate risk in the context of climate related financial disclosures to the International Fintech community. 

The G20 TechSprint 2021 was the second edition of an initiative organized by the BIS Innovation Hub and the Bank of Italy, under the G20 Italian Presidency. It aimed to find innovative solutions to operational problems in green and sustainable finance. The Bank of Italy consulted with Ministries of Finance and Central Banks of the G20 countries to identify high-priority areas within green and sustainable finance, subsequently setting three problem challenges for participants to develop innovative solutions.