On demand data management and processing

In case you do not find what you need or because you have specific request related to data management or processing of climate datasets we can handle those for you as custom requests with the same efficiency and quality standards we apply to our own data.


Provision and formatting of publicly available data sets

Custom Processing

Bias correction or downscaling using particular historical data sets

Specific regions

Provision of projections or forecast for particular regions at higher resolution

Access conditions 

This is an on-demand service. Please contact us to schedule a call.
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Use cases

University of Bordeaux 

Downscaling and calibration of decadal temperature hindcasts at high resolution to evaluate forecast skill for viticulture applications.
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) 

Provision, interpolation on a common grid, and averaging of CMIP5 climate projections over Africa for agricultural analysis.