High-resolution CMIP6 projections now available

We have now new high-resolution simulations based on projection supporting the recent IPCC  report released in August (see AR6 Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Basis).  This was made possible thanks to the newly released ERA5-Land global reanalysis from Copernicus Climate Change Service.

  • The dataset is obtained by statistically downscaling climate projections from the CMIP6 experiment using the recent ERA5-Land reanalysis from the Copernicus Climate Change service, a data product extensively used around the world for historical climate analysis. A great advantage of this dataset is thus to provide an extension of the ERA5-Land reanalysis into the future.
  • The dataset is global, has a spatial resolution of 0.1°x 0.1°, which makes it the the highest resolution available for CMIP6 projections.
  • It comprises 5 climate models allowing to address model uncertainty and includes 2 surface daily variables:  surface mean air temperature and precipitation.
  • To sample future climate uncertainty from anthropogenic forcing, two greenhouse gas emissions scenarios are available: one with mitigation policy (SSP1-2.6) and one without mitigation (SSP5-8.5).

For more detail on the data set please see our preprint on eartharxive.org:

A high-resolution downscaled CMIP6 projections dataset of essential surface climate variables over the globe coherent with the ERA5-Land reanalysis for climate change impact assessments

Hig-res CMIP6

Figure. Ensemble mean averaged for present (1981-2010, left) and  futur climate (2071-2100, center), and difference between the two (right) for temperature (°C) (top) and precipitation (mm/day) (bottom).