Sustainable Investment Forum Europe

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Sep 02 2020
Sustainable Investment Forum Europe

On September 08th, 11th, 15th, 22nd  (virtual forum)wen will be a sponsor of the Sustainable Investment Forum Europe in partnership with Climate Action and UNEP Finance initiative. A great opportunity to showcase our  Copernicus Climate Change project Climate hazards data to prepare financial institutions for the future to asset managers and owners, banks, policymakers, think tanks and NGOs looking to drive the sustainability agenda.

The Sustainable Investment Forum Europe is a significant platform designed for stakeholders in the finance sector to explore and address the challenges and opportunities within Europe's sustainable finance market. Organized by Climate Action in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP-FI), the forum is set to convene for its 7th annual edition in Paris, bringing together 350 finance stakeholders. The event focuses on crucial aspects of sustainable investing, including portfolio alignment, risk mitigation, and impact investing, emphasizing the significance of investing in a just and equitable transition. This transition is vital for accelerating Europe’s economic transformation towards resilience, equity, and sustainability.

The forum serves as a gathering point for leading investors, investment managers, banks, policymakers, think-tanks, and NGOs from across Europe. It addresses key themes such as evolving asset appetites, product gaps, developments in ESG data, the energy crisis, and the path beyond COP27, aiming to shape a sustainable and inclusive future. The Sustainable Investment Forum Europe is a response to the growing necessity for enhanced understanding, collaboration, and action in directing capital towards sustainable and responsible investments, which are crucial for meeting climate goals and promoting sustainable economic growth.

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