C3S Sectoral Information System User Showcase

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Mar 13 2019
C3S Sectoral Information System User Showcase

On March 13-14th, 2019, the climate data factory will attend the Copernicus Climate Change Service (CS3S) Sectoral Information System User Showcase Workshop in Lisbon (Portugal). We will present our business needs a climate data provider and share our views on how C3S infrastructure can support the development of our climate projections, climate forecast and climate services. Download our presentation How can C3S and European initiatives enable the development of climate services.

The Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) is part of the European Union's Copernicus Programme, which is a comprehensive earth observation and monitoring program. C3S is aimed specifically at providing reliable and accurate information about the past, present, and future states of the climate in Europe and across the world. It supports a wide array of activities ranging from policy-making and business operations to informing the general public about climate change. C3S is a vital resource for anyone needing authoritative information about climate change, and its services are widely used by scientists, policymakers, businesses, and educators around the world. Its mission is to foster a more climate-resilient society by merging observations of the climate system with the latest science and technology to develop authoritative, quality-assured information.

The Copernicus Climate Change Service's (C3S) Sectoral Information System (SIS) is a specialized component designed to provide tailored climate data and information for specific economic and societal sectors. The aim is to support these sectors in understanding how they are affected by climate change and in making informed decisions for adaptation and mitigation. The SIS serves as a bridge between the vast climate data available through C3S and the specific needs of various sectors.