6th International Conference on Climate Services

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Feb 01 2020
6th International Conference on Climate Services

On February 11th 2020, we will attend the 6th International Conference on Climate Services in Pune (India). it is focused on evaluating and advancing climate service knowledge and practice for enhancing climate resilience. The event will will delve into the effectiveness of current climate services, identifying gaps and opportunities for regional collaboration to boost climate services uptake. It aims to update and prioritize actions to sustain and expand national and regional efforts in producing and delivering climate services. The conference, will be attended by various global partners including meteorological and climate institutions, aimes to foster an international dialogue to better understand and address climate-related challenges.

Climate services involve the production, translation, transfer, and use of climate knowledge and information in climate-informed decision-making and planning. They provide data, information, and advice derived from climate science to help individuals and organizations make informed decisions. Climate services are typically provided by a range of organizations including governmental meteorological agencies, climate research institutions, and private companies specializing in climate analysis. They are integral to sectors like agriculture, water management, disaster risk reduction, energy, and health, aiming to tailor climate-related knowledge to specific needs and facilitate more climate-resilient societies and economies. The conference on climate services will address those points. 

The climate service we offered specializes in climate and associated environmental risks capacity for projects. The service focuses on providing extremely specific data on how climate risks will evolve locally over the next several decades. This involves compiling large volumes of climate model data and applying sophisticated statistical models to get projections over approximately 10 kilometers. Additionally, we add a risk modeling layer to include heat waves, extreme precipitation, winds, forest fires, landslides, etc., making the data usable by consultants or engineering firms assessing physical risks to assets exposed to climate change. This service enables precision in assessing environmental changes and planning for long-term infrastructural and developmental projects, ensuring that organizations can plan effectively for the risks associated with climate change. We will hve the opportunity to present the data management and processing capabilities to the conference on climate services.

The conference on climate services is organised by The Climate Services Partnership (CSP), a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration aimed at promoting resilience and advancing climate service capabilities worldwide. It is an informal, interdisciplinary network of climate information users, providers, donors and researchers who share an interest in climate services and are actively involved in the climate services community. The conferences series begun in 2011, with the CSP itself launched at the first ICCS in NY.

Visit the Climate Service Partnership site for registration to the conference on climate services.

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